किनारा वृद्ध व मतिमंद सेवा ट्रस्ट

Kinara Vruddh And Matimand Seva Trust

Kinara Vruddha & Matimand Seva Trust is a non-profit organization [NGO] that operates on Public – private partnership model. It is organized & Maintained by the help of public & private, As well as Corporate Donation & Individual Philanthropists

Purpose :

The main purpose of the organization is to provide free homely shelter with food, clothing medical facilities, Nursing, Mental & Emotional Support. Leisure & Entertainment.

To Whom :

It is dedicated to help the deprived strata of the society, such as blind, physically challenged, abandoned old aged individuals, persons with mental disabilities, destitute etc. We also step forward & collect such individuals from in and around Pune. You may feel free to calls us on our helpline number.

Promise and Our Motto :

We at kinara trust Hereby promise to utilize the fund donated to us, by various organization, corporate entities, philanthropist & individuals to provide free shelter and providing a dignified life. To as many individuals as possible with complete transparency and care.

for any further query’s please feel free to contact us kinarapune@gmail.com

Our Motto :

“Our motto is to provided homely shelter to as many individual as possible”

The Begining:

Founder Trustee (by Priti Vaidya) In 2007, unfortunately my husband expired, and I suddenly lost my hope to live life. Completely shattered & disturbed by this experience of life. I Begin to search for a cause to live life & support the livelihood of my parents. As I had completed my education in music, I started to render my services as a music teacher to schools, collages & conducting private tuitions.

During such an event I had an opportunity to teach homeless children’s from a NGO. Looking at those homeless children of the almighty.Suddenly the love for the humanity made me think of the other aspects of the society and I searched and came across the old aged abandoned, blind, Mentally retarded, physically challenged, helpless poor individuals and destitute.This made me think to live for a purpose in life, to serve as many such individuals as possible & fulfil my life with this joy.And thus we established kinara.org in year 2010.

Initial Support and Acknowledgment:

The very first donation was received from a unknown person. He had donated three new beds with mattress and blankets.For the first five years there was no support as such from anybody. So as to provide shelter and accommodation for those old aged and helpless individuals. Still kinara ashram strived the best to assist them.

It managed through rough times to serve the greater cause and never gave up.Once on 8th march 2012,we got a call from YCMH (Yeshwantrao Chavan Memorial Hospital) managed by PCMC (Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation) Asking to collect a abandoned patient namely Mr Vishwanath Shinde, As YCMH was not able to provide lifelong support to him, as he was old aged homeless and bedridden.

Feeling Pride and our duty to serve humanity, we rushed to help him.And the whole event was highlighted by Pune’s leading newspaper “SAKAL”This happened to be the very first acknowledgement from the society.After a couple of years Mr. Vishwanath Shinde expired. Apparently in his death wish he donated his eyes to the YCMH eye bank. His sincere regards to Priti Vaidya saying that all his after death Rites be performed by her, as she took daughterly care of him.

As his last wish, all the rites were performed by Priti Vaidya. Which was very heart touching and sentimental.


Mr. Vikas D. Deshmukh was working in Kirloskar Oil Engine [Pune]. He quit his job & Supported Priti Fulltime to serve Her Dream to serve the Humanity or you may say the cause of almighty.

They had a vacant plot in Rupeenagar Talawade, Which was kept to as retirement home. But for his daughter’s dream he contributed his retirement amount to build a “Temple of Humanity”. Instead of his dream retirement home. He worked late with labours to build her dream, brick by brick & floor by floor. And is still working to serve Humanity at the young age of 75 with Great Enthusiasm.


As a mother she left no stone unturned, To see that she was also contributing her help by working as a nurse, Emotional Counsellor, and a mother to all.

Welcoming the guest & donors showing them the efforts taken by Kinara trust & her beloved Daughter Priti and is still maintaining the health, Goodwill & Happiness in the Premises.